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I don’t know about you but I struggle with technology! I’m not sure if I am frightened of it, or, I’ve just not tried to conquer it! However, I learned something absolutely brilliant today – I have an iPhone 6, well, maybe 7 🤪 on it is the facility to write notes; well, a revelation has occurred, I can dictate my notes as well as write them! How amazing is that?!

In addition, I’ve learnt how to do stories on Instagram! It’s so simple, how did I not know before?!

How are you with technology? Are you like me, still grappling around in the dark desperate for a young person to offer to take over?’

Well, I’ve decided to attempt to conquer some of my fears and have a go! Surely I can do more than I think. I’m a bit scared that I will get it wrong; but really, what does it matter if I get it wrong, I will have learned something, right?!

So this is my attempt at moving forward with my art by using technology and social media to reach out to you and let you know what’s going on in my art world 😊😉

Let me know how you get on with technology and social media, do you find it easy or difficult? 🤔

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