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Wonderful Workshops Online

Online Courses 

Wonderful Workshops Online With Louise

Warm Welcome to my Wonderful Workshops
– now online – 
They are accessible to all with my (step-by-step instruction)  all you need is a computer and the internet to begin enjoying painting with me!
There is no commitment – you can dip in whenever you like, you do not need to do every workshop.


  • Each workshop includes an online painting video, accompanying notes, full instructions and suggested materials list.  You have access to the video once purchased permitting you to return to it again and again.
  • Photograph your painting once it is finished and share it with me, I will give you individual advice and helpful tips via email.
  • Pay as you go for each workshop – £20 payable by bank transfer or PayPal.
Each materials list is flexible, but for the workshops I recommend the following equipment:
  • Brushes – round size 12 or 14 nylon or sable, rigger, a flat nylon brush size 1/2″, large Hake – used for covering large areas
  • Stretched or heavy watercolour paper (gummed blocks are brilliant)
  • 2 water pots – one for clean water, the other to wash your brushes
  • Kitchen paper
  • Sellotape or masking tape
Watercolour paints
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Cerulean blue
  • Opera rose
  • Raw sienna
  • Indigo
  • Quinacridone gold
  • Green gold (Daniel Smith)
  • Cobalt turquoise light
Here are a couple of links to art suppliers you may wish you use:

Course Details

Week 1   Expressive landscape – A bold expressive landscape using a limited palette.  Learn about building washes, creating movement with brush marks and taking time to assess before adding final detail.

Week 2  Let it Snow – A loose and expressive snow scene using a limited palette.  Learn how to use a variety of techniques to create soft marks and texture – appreciate how taking time to assess before adding final detail helps you to create fabulous art!

I loved creating this painting for the workshop, using techniques that I adore!  I love painting skeletal trees, creating texture for the granite stone wall using different techniques.  I’m sure you too will have fun creating this interesting painting.


Week 4 Super Sunset

Inspired by a photo of a beautiful sunset I love to give paint freedom to move across the surface creating exciting effects; the early stages of each painting bring such joy, then, you slow down as you assess and add detail!


Join me to paint this stunning scene - Gwithian and Godrevy lighthouse.  I have chosen to use a complimentary palette of orange and blue, by using this colour combination you will be guaranteed to create a winning painting.  Have fun following along as I create an expressive and exciting scene.


Would you like to paint in a loose and lively style? Join me in this workshop as I show you how I paint using bold and dynamic marks to create expressive landscapes.  We will paint 4 small paintings all in one go!   These techniques can easily be transferred to your larger paintings to help you achieve exciting artwork.


Online Facebook Group

Ongoing online

“Watercolour & More With Louise”

Join Louise’s online Facebook group to share ideas, tips and techniques; a place where you can ask for information, ask for advice and share your artwork.

There, Louise has compiled some units that you may find interesting and fun to dip into – these will be added to as the group develops; if you have any requests for units, please do ask! The intention for the group is to be a supportive and encouraging space for all as we continue on our artistic journey.


Price: FREE

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