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I seem to be predisposed to fearing technology! I know, it’s irrational, yet, debilitating! I put enormous obstacles in my way just to avoid attempting to conquer my fear; I’m dreadfully busy, absolutely no time to spend figuring it out. I’ll go wrong anyway, so what’s the point?! You name it, I use it as an excuse!

Until now 😃

I’ve long wanted to use YouTube to share my art practice/process with a wider audience, and, promote my art courses. It’s a fantastic platform to share tips and techniques! Well, according to my anxious brain, it’s an impossibility for me! Until now!

I’ve simply decided to look fear in the face and get to grips with technology! How hard can it be?!

I booked myself onto an iMovie session with Apple, spent time on Dartmoor with Neil (husband/cameraman) to sketch. I als took photos to use in the film that I proposed to create.

Off I trundle to Exeter for the iMovie session; we’ll, what an amazingly informative, helpful and inspiring session! The chap has a photography background, which helped enormously as he could understand what l intended to achieve. I was extremely lucky as I had an extended time as he didn’t have any bookings after my session, which meant he spent over an hour guiding me! Absolutely brilliant! And, this is utterly free if you have purchased an Apple device from them! It astounds me, and, pleases all in one 😉

Anyway, I digress, I’ve now created a few short films and added to my YouTube channel, pop over and take a look. Feel free to comment, share and subscribe to hear when I upload new films.

Here’s the https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBr8qqWyqFWY2pwFHdPEnww

Happy Painting 🎨

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