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I’ve decided to be really open with you all and share with you my struggle to show up in the art world! I’ve been doing some work with Georgina Noel, a life coach, on Facebook (private groups), which is helping me to understand why I behave/react to certain situations with my art and why I’m subconsciously holding myself back; it has been revealing and thought provoking, making me realise I have lots of things in my past that have impacted my behaviour and moulded the way I behave now! I’m convinced I’m not the only one; I’m sure there are many of us who desperately want to be noticed, to have gallery representation, to sell our gorgeous art work to adoring followers! Am I right?! I have come to realise that I am scared to show up, to show off and show you what I’m up to! It feels awkward, making me feel self-conscious and embarrassed, as if I should stop showing up; etc, etc! I now know that it is my past that is informing my present, and, more importantly, that I am in control and can determine how I progress!

I do not want to sound self-indulgent, or, have your pity, I want to share my struggle as I’m convinced I’m not alone, that many of you feel exactly the same as me! With this in mind, how can I possibly make it in the art world?! Well, I am beginning to understand that there is an answer; realisation and learning to show up regularly, moving forward with my practice, understanding why I do/don’t do certain things is revealing!

With all of this in mind I’m setting myself a 10 day challenge: I plan to do a live feed on Facebook and Instagram each day – the idea is to get used to being seen and showing up! Who’s going to join me?! I may not share art work, it can be anything, a walk in nature, sharing my thoughts or favourite coffee etc, just showing up! Let me know if you’re up for joining me, I’d love your company 😉

Do you feel the same as me, let me know?

Challenge begins Monday 21st May 2018 🦋

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