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I have often thought that I behave like a ‘Jack of all trades in my artistic endeavours …’ dipping into a variety of medium as I explored different ways to make marks and express my artistic language. I would berate myself inwardly telling myself I was not focused, flitting from one medium to another without consistency, without result.

What I’ve realised is that each time I ALLOW myself to explore, trial, have fun – I’m advancing in my thoughts, my ideas and, most importantly, developing my artistic voice.

It takes courage to give yourself permission to be brave, to step away from the known, what you know works, what you have created repeatedly and successfully! Giving ourselves the freedom to make a mess, make marks that feel uncomfortable – taking ourselves out of our comfort zone is where the magic lies! Where the unexpected and unfamiliar will excite, broaden our creativity giving our art a fresh feel.

My latest explorations have been with oil paint, water-soluble oil to be precise; I’ve discovered a solvent that helps the paint dry quickly, which pleases me as I’m quite impatient – always wanting to move the painting forward! I’ve also discovered that I far prefer to work on a smooth hard surface, wooden panels are the winners at the moment.

Allowing myself to trial oil paints – wipe off, start again etc has led to some surprising and delightful revelations. I really like the buttery consistency of oil paints, the ability to build layers, which I love doing. Adding more depth and interest to the artwork as I move it forward.

I’ve also learned that it is useful to write about my explorations, charting success and fails (actually, there are no fails, only learning 😉) the act of writing cements the creative process, something to return to, to add to my arsenal of techniques. I use a journal to chart my progress, I find it really helpful. Do like to write about your process, or, do you allow the flow to take you?

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