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Life can be complicated, full and demanding, leaving little or, what feels like no time for art! Frustration sets in, I can even feel resentful if I can’t get into my studio! Particularly at the moment with Coronavirus bringing all sorts if panic and anxiety into our lives!

So, what’s the solution?

I’ve come to realise that even a short period of time spent immersed in creating can be hugely beneficial to my well-being, to how I respond to those around me; by giving myself a short burst of ME time, time to allow creativity to flow, time to shut the world out, albeit briefly; I’m a different person, my equilibrium is restored, I feel content.

Small but Beautiful – 5 minute sketches

I have started to create small, 5 minute sketches using soft pastels, focusing on composition, colour and tone. They are quick, and joyous! Okay, they’re messy, but, so much fun. The satisfaction I feel when I have completed a sketch is incredible; furthermore, they are acting as a catalyst for bigger pieces! The freedom and speed makes the sketch feel dynamic, exciting, and, above all, FUN!

These quick, 5 minute sketches are keeping me sane, helping me to feel connected to my art; helping me to feel calm whilst the world around goes a little crazy! Why not give it a go? I use Unison soft pastels, but, you can create using any medium you like – simply grab 5 minutes and have some fun 😉🎨

Happy Painting 🎨

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