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Are Art Fairs For Me?

Are Art Fairs For Me?

Art fairs are a brilliant way of getting your artwork into the public domain, where art lovers/collectors can take time to engage with your art, meet you and discuss your inspiration, your process, and, get to know you. But, are art fairs for every artist, are they...

Looking Fear in the Face

I seem to be predisposed to fearing technology! I know, it’s irrational, yet, debilitating! I put enormous obstacles in my way just to avoid attempting to conquer my fear; I’m dreadfully busy, absolutely no time to spend figuring it out. I’ll go wrong anyway, so...

Carve out time for art!

Life can be complicated, full and demanding, leaving little or, what feels like no time for art! Frustration sets in, I can even feel resentful if I can’t get into my studio! Particularly at the moment with Coronavirus bringing all sorts if panic and anxiety into our...

Inspiration Can Surprise

It’s interesting where inspiration comes from, how does it manifest, what triggers it? It seems to be elusive at times, I can spend days, weeks and, occasionally, months seeking new inspiration with little success until now; I’ve come to realise that I just have to...

Best Laid Plans!

Well, I had made a decision to challenge myself to 10 days of ‘showing up!’ on social media, but, I had forgotten that I was off to Mullion Cove Hotel to tutor my painting holiday which has intermittent internet connection making it a bit tricky to honour my...

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