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Well, I had made a decision to challenge myself to 10 days of ‘showing up!’ on social media, but, I had forgotten that I was off to Mullion Cove Hotel to tutor my painting holiday which has intermittent internet connection making it a bit tricky to honour my commitment, or, was it easier to ignore it and focus on teaching?! Hard to determine between self-sabotage and reality! There really is a difficulty with the internet connection but, not one that can’t be overcome! So, why didn’t I do what I had set out to do?! Uhh!

So, here goes with my second attempt! Time to get down to it! I’ve been learning about Instagram stories thanks to Alice Sheridan 😊 so, I’m going to post on stories, Instagram(take a look at my first 3 fun stories 😊) and Facebook – look out for my posts and, please do let me know your thoughts and ideas 😉 wish me luck and why not join me – let’s fill social media with art, fun and frolics 😊😉

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