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Art fairs are a brilliant way of getting your artwork into the public domain, where art lovers/collectors can take time to engage with your art, meet you and discuss your inspiration, your process, and, get to know you. But, are art fairs for every artist, are they right for you?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for some time now; is my art suitable for art fairs, am I suitable for art fairs? Do I enjoy them, what do I gain?

So many questions and answers – I gain exposure, interaction with art lovers/collectors, connecting with other artists, learning information about exhibiting, framing and promoting my art. All great, but …

My latest event was Windsor Art Fair organised by the lovely Sarah and Deborah of Contemporary Art Fairs; it was an enjoyable experience, I loved catching up with artist friends, making new friends, and, chatting to art-lovers, but, I didn’t sell anything off the wall! Does that matter? Yes of course as I had paid for my stand, accommodation, travel, artwork etc! BUT, and this is a biggy for me – I had the pleasure of observing a number of visitors standing for quite some time as they engaged with my paintings; naturally, I engaged them in conversation, my process and inspiration were discussed, and, of course, I harboured hope of a sale. Sadly, not on this occasion. But knowing I had given pleasure, made people stop and lose themselves in my art was a humbling experience!

So, was it a waste of time? Absolutely not! I feel honoured to have given joy, a sense of escapism even for a short time, was a wonderful thing! Who knows what may happen as a result of those moments spent observing.

Will I do another art fair? YES! My next Fair is in Surrey on 13th March, if you would like to come and see me, let me know and I’ll get tickets to you 😊

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